FAQ Starting a Vending Business

From proven experiences of vending machine owners, manufacturers, distributors, and vending business FAQ's, we have compiled some of the most important frequently asked questions and answers for you. Our goal is to give you added knowledge before starting your business.

Can I Operate From My House?
Yes. There is no need for an expensive office or warehouse. Most distributors do.

Can I Do This Business Part Time?
Yes. You should figure your time in the field to be as little as 5 minutes per machine. Figure about 10 minutes travel time between each location. Some more some less

How Good Is The Cash Flow?
Excellent. It’s an all cash business. There are no receivables. You don’t need any more than your original investment.

Once I Am In Business, How Long Before I Start Making Money?
One nice thing about this business is that from the first day your machines are on location they are working for you. Your machines will begin to make money for you almost immediately. There is no need to work and wait for months or years while you build a clientele. Your machines are like “silent” salespeople working for you. They are on the job constantly, day and night, summer and winter, Sundays and holidays. Your vending machines cater to everyone; rich, poor, male, female, young and old. Almost every type of person enjoys candy or gum.

How Much Money Can I Make?
It all depends on the quality of your locations. The higher traffic the location has, the more you’ll earn. In vending its location, location, location.  We recommend a locating and placement company that will assist you in securing good quality locations.

Do I Have To Sell?

No. Just put the machine on location, refill and collect the money. The candy industry has created a huge demand for their products, and you are taking advantage of that. The vending machine displays and sells for you 24 hours a day.

Is There National Advertising?
The candy industry spends millions of dollars each year in advertising, at no cost to you, to create an enormous demand for their products. Sell the national brands and you will get repeat business.

What Kind Of Products Sell Best?
Stick with all national brand products. These are the products that are advertised and recognized by most consumers; and these are the products that they will buy repeatedly.

Where Do I Buy My Candy and gum
You can purchase these products from a local wholesaler in your area and I offer some of the best sellers if you have trouble finding them. Or, you can simply buy your products at Costco, Sam’s Club, and B.J.’s. They are all competitive.

Is The Market Saturated And Are There Enough Locations For Me To Expand?
Although you see vending machines “everywhere”, there are between two and three million new small and medium businesses starting each year. More than 90% of them will desire and facilitate a vending machine of some sort.


Where Should I Put My Vending Machines?
They will fit into almost any business or office location. We recommend places where people congregate and/or where there is high traffic.

How Often Do I Service Each Machine?
This all depends on the type of equipment you own and where the machine is located. Bulk candy machines typically get serviced once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Can My Family Service The Machine?
Yes. Because of the ease and simplicity of servicing their machines, many route owners use their children and spouses to help.

How Many Machines Can I Put Out?
There are no limits. It depends on how much money you wish to make and how much time you are willing to invest.

Do I Need Special Skills To Operate Vending Machines?
No. All you need is the desire to be financially independent and the boss of your own growing and profitable business.

How Much Time Is Involved At A Location?
Depending on the type of equipment you have and where they are located, anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Unless you have a very large route, this is not a time consuming business.

Is It Feasible To Hire Someone To Assist Me?
Yes. Most people in the early stages of business service the machines themselves in the evening, after work or on weekends. What’s great about the vending business is that just one person can easily handle several hundred machines. When you’re ready for part-time help, it’s a great job for college students, housewives, a son, a daughter, etc.

Is The Work Hard?
No. You are your own boss. The work is light and pleasant. Show up at the location, open your machine, replace the sold product, remove your cash, close the machine, dust it off and you’re done. If you would like, sometimes hand out samples and say thank you. Customers usually respond by utilizing your machine more often.

Is This A Fad Business?
No. The vending machine business has been with us for years, and the candy, soda and snack industry longer than that. Americans are the world’s largest eaters of fast and junk foods and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

How Much Does Product Cost Per Vend?
Based on national figures your product cost should average somewhere between .03 to .08 each .25 vend. That’s pretty good profit!

How Big Is The Market?
There are millions of locations and new businesses and shops open everyday.

What Are The Chances Of A Machine Being Stolen or Vandalized?
Our records indicate that less than 1% are vandalized or stolen. These machines are placed in business atmospheres that minimize this from occurring.

How Much Additional Investment Will I Need To Grow In This Business?
None. By reinvesting the profits, you can grow without using any more of your own money.

If you have any additional questions, need answers to more frequently asked questions or just simple answers to any vending business FAQ's please contact us and we will be more than happy to address them for you.